Reading Music on Your Guitar

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4 Responses to “Reading Music on Your Guitar”

  1. Karen Hesterly says:

    Even though I’ve been practicing 1st position for a while, I still learned some notes in new positions. Plus watching the videos and learning to play with fingers instead of just a pick is fun, too, and not easy to find in beginner guitar books in an easy to understand format.

  2. jeanw says:

    Karen… that’s excellent! Keep it up, and you’ll know the entire fretboard soon. :-D

  3. Sherrylynn Gillen says:

    Having a great deal of trouble displaying videos? I use IE and Google Chrome, but it won’t open videos ….

  4. Jeanw says:

    Sherrylynn… am fixing them now.

    God Bless, Jean

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